SKV Solutions Pvt Ltd

Testing & Calibration Services


We are providing testing & Calibration services through our channel partners.Our channel partners are fully equipped with high accuracy Measuring Instruments & trained personal to provide testing and certification Services for Mechanical ,Environmental,Electrical & Electronics testing equipments. Our channel partner laboratory is following the procedure as required by International Standard IEC 17025 and is already certified for ISO/IEC 17025. Our channel Partner has a quality management system as per ISO 17025. It has been accredited by NABL, BIS, and its results have been recognized by most of the Notified bodies in India.

Our channel partner is an emerging center of excellence in Testing. The facilities hold state-of-the-art test equipment specializing in:

  1. IT ,Electronics and Electrical Testing
  2. Audio & Video Equipments Testing
  3. Home Appliances
  4. Ingress Protection
  5. Insulation
  6. Environmental
  7. Lamps and Luminaires
  8. Mechanical(Toy) Testing

In this contemporary epoch, accreditation plays a paramount role in the field of Testing.

Our channel partner is performing testing as per national and International standards. Our channel partner is recognized by Bureau of Indian Standard ( BIS ) for Luminaries and accredited by NABL in Electrical, Electronics and photometry Fields and Conformity assessment body (CAB) by Telecommunication Engineering Center (TEC).